The Concept

In a nutshell LetMeIntroduce-enhanced sites offer small but exciting discounts to customers in exchange for the consumer approving a post on either Facebook or Twitter about their current purchase. Every time someone approves a social media "share," your site is showcased in front of a large audience of potential customers (ie, the customer's friends). You enjoy the benefit of being introduced to this new audience, and in a sense, "vouched for" by a mutual friend (the consumer who approved the post).

Integrating LetMeIntroduce with your Website

We have two main types of integration: on-site and off-site.

Off-site is the easiest way to get started with LMI. It involves absolutely no code changes, and takes a few seconds to deploy. LetMeIntroduce generates a link that you can distribute to your potential customers through an email campaign, Facebook page, etc. Using this link, consumers will be able to share your website with their friends and receive a coupon code. Below is a sample flow of what a user may see:

On-site integration allows you to fully utilize the benefits of LetMeIntroduce. By placing a small snippet of code on your site, customers will be able to share your store with their friends without leaving the page. Click Live Demo below to view an example of this integration approach.

Get Started for Free

Discover the benefits of LetMeIntroduce with a 14-day free trial. We'll be happy work you to figure out the best way to use LMI for viral growth.