About LetMeIntroduce

Social networking has enhanced the way people share cool things with their friends. LetMeIntroduce was founded under that belief that this new mode of sharing can be harnessed for the purpose of marketing cool and innovative products. Our service gives consumers an avenue to introduce their friends to new experiences and possibilities, while simultaneously making these experiences more affordable and attractive.

LetMeIntroduce is located in Silicon Valley, and has been driving word-of-mouth buzz for it’s clientele since 2010.

The Internet is swiftly replacing brick-and-mortar retail as the dominant space for commerce in the 21st Century, and there has been no shortage of new online stores springing up to meet this demand. How and where we buy and learn about new things may have changed, but people have not: we still trust and look to our friends to see what exciting new twists and turns the future holds.